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a document processing workhorse

ScanTango automates the conversion of paper to PDF or TIFF and can Save, Email, Print, Fax, and FTP your file to selected destinations. And it can do it all with a single click.

Docview Each type of document we encounter in day-to-day business has a strong tendency to be processed in the same way. For example, when you receive an invoice, you might pay the invoice and file it for future reference. Or perhaps you generate invoices to several customers and wish to email each invoice to the client and file a copy on your computer. Or perhaps you are a lawyer working a case with a distant colleague. For every document you receive on discovery, you might wish to email a copy to your colleague, generate a hardcopy printout, and keep an electronic copy on your computer.
With ScanTango, you can quickly and easily create a Scan Task for each type of document you encounter. Then, simply by placing the document in the scanner and clicking Run (or pressing the Scan button on the scanner), the document is scanned, saved to disk, emailed, or otherwise distributed to your specifications, time after time, document after document. ScanTango is designed to eliminate the drudge work connected with processing your documents, so you can concentrate on the job - not the processing. Taskview

Customizable Scanner Setups


Configure your scanner settings to match your documents. Create custom paper sizes. Scan black and white office documents or fancy full-color brochures at the resolution you need. Even scan doubled-sided documents in a single pass (on most scanners). And ScanTango will remember and reuse as many different setups as you care to create.

You aren't limited to simple scans, either. Filter out blank pages. Despeckle dirty images or clean up margins. Rotate landscape pages on the fly and deskew your document to prepare it for subsequent OCR. Run as many filters as you want - automatically - on each page scanned to achieve optimum readability and appearance.

Edit your PDF and TIFF Documents

Now for the really neat stuff . Reorganize the pages in your document by simply dragging them where you want them. Delete a page by selecting it and pressing delete. Scan and Append pages to any existing TIFF or PDF document. Drag TIFF or PDF or other image documents off the desktop and drop them into your document to insert pages.

ScanTango keeps track of which pages are PDF and which pages are Bitmaps (images) so that you always get the highest quality display. And when you are ready to save your document, save it as TIFF or PDF and ScanTango seamlessly does any required page conversions to meet your request.

Redactview There are times when you may wish to send a document to a colleage, but need to selectively protect sensitive information. The solution is redaction. ScanTango allows you to select any area of a TIFF or PDF page and either Erase (white out) or Redact (black out) areas. And for you PDF-savvy lawyers out there, ScanTango even allows you to convert those hackable PDF pages into non-hackable flat Bitmap pages before saving and sending the document, so nobody can hack beneath your redactions..
You can Copy areas of your pages and paste them into other programs such as MS Word. And if you goof up on editing, ScanTango supports multiple levels of Undo. Editmenuview

Perform macro-level actions on your pages to rotate, despeckle, deskew, clean up margins, or convert them between PDF and Bitmap formats. You can even digitally "scan" existing PDF pages and convert them on the fly to Black and White Bitmaps to vastly reduce the size of your documents and make Email more efficient. Of course, all of ScanTango's filters can be applied automatically in Scan Tasks, too. We give you full control over all filter parameters, such as the minimum angle to deskew.

You can export single pages to page-level image formats such as JPEG, BMP, and PNG, as well as TIFF and PDF.

Interactive or Task Scanning - your choice

Scanmenu Scan interactively by simply selecting the Scanner Setup you need and using the Scan menu. Save to anywhere or use a predefined Email, FTP or Fax Destination to speed your document on its way. And should your document volume become large enough, simply define a Scan Task to automate it.

Scan variable-format documents using Patch Cards

ScanTango lets you create and print barcoded Patch Cards that you can insert into your documents and document batches during scanning. Patch Cards tell ScanTango where variable-length sections of your document end and separates multiple documents that you stack into the scan hopper. Put 50 invoices into the hopper with Patch Card separators, press the scan button, and watch ScanTango do all that boring repetitive stuff for you. Patchcard

Integrate ScanTango with other Applications using AppleScript

Scriptview Use ScanTango as the on-ramp to other applications such as OCR. Create the document processing you need by integrating ScanTango with your existing PDF processing steps.

Download the free demo.